We aim to provide the highest quality cable-tool percussion-drilled borehole service available. Our clients depend on our advice and flexibility to suit their individual requirements and we in turn associate ourselves with  suppliers that have a similar ethos. We are committed to completing contracts on time, using only directly employed labour and our own modern plant.

We use cable tool percussion drilling when constructing our boreholes because it is clean and causes minimal risk of contamination of the aquifer. This is the method preferred by the Environmental Agency.

Water Supply Boreholes can be used to provide grey water, garden irrigation, renewable heating or a potable supply (subject to analysis and suitable filtration). Provided the hydro-geology at the site is suitable, we can drill into the aquifer and abstract up to 20m³ of water per day without the need for a licence.

We install pressurised water supply systems for both commercial and private use, including irrigation systems for domestic gardens or nurseries. We offer borehole maintenance services including acidisation and airlifting.

We also offer Soakaway Boreholes, which are designed to aid drainage. We have worked for various highways agencies and councils, constructing boreholes for road drainage or treated effluent disposal. We also construct other drainage options.


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