Heliomotion mobile solar panel

The Heliomotion reflects the idea that solar panels should always face the sun to generate maximum output.  The same principle is used by the most efficient utility size solar stations; now Heliomotion brings this superior technology to residential use.

In contrast to stationary solar panels installed on a building, where roof orientation and structure are often limiting factors, the Heliomotion is ground mounted. Installation requires no lifting equipment.

The Heliomotion complete kit is delivered on one pallet, including an illustrated installation manual. The composition of the kit is optimised for easy handling, with no piece weighing more than 20 kg.

Using GPS with HelioZenit’s own software to determine the sun’s location all day, the Heliomotion continually turns its panels to face the sun. Therefore energy production is maximised to full power from sunrise to sunset, and is optimally suited to match a home’s energy requirements all day.

The output of a conventional south-facing solar panel follows a sinus-shaped curve starting slowly in the morning, peaking at noon, and immediately beginning its descent towards evening. The consumption curve in a typical household does not match this output curve equally as consumption has two distinct peaks: one in the morning before the output peak, and a second one late afternoon well after the output peak.

In contrast, the output curve of a Heliomotion that is continuously turning its panels matches the consumption curve in a very efficient way, covering both the morning and afternoon peaks.

As a result, even a relatively small Heliomotion will cover the consumption peaks more efficiently than a considerably larger fixed installation, and so make more sense financially, both from an operational and an return on investment point of view.

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