Ventilation pipes

Whether you’re building a new home from scratch or building a new extension for your home, we can design a bespoke ventilation system for your project.

You’ll need effective ventilation that complies with Building Regulations and to ensure you have healthy, clean air throughout. We work taking into consideration the materials you’ve used to build your home as well as the airtightness of the structure.

Simply send us your drawings and we’ll be in touch to discuss options available. Our skilled installers have more than 20 years experience in the field and work to the highest standard.

For self builders who are looking to do down the DIY route to maximise savings, we offer the Buddy Service. We can supply the materials needed and send one of our experts to show the ropes on day one, leaving you to carry out the rest of the work yourself.

Ventilation is the essential process of replacing stale air with new fresh air. This uninterrupted airflow means that the nasty pollutants, including horrible smells, will be expelled from your home, making it a much more comfortable, healthy environment for you and your family.

Not only is the build up of moisture in your home damaging to your health, but over time if the levels of moisture are not controlled or completely eradicated, can also cause problems structurally.

Timber and drywall can rot, so to keep your build structurally sound a good ventilation system is absolutely critical.

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