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In this private home in Northern Denmark, the Hudevad P5V truly displays all its unique qualities.

Vertical radiators have the advantage that they don’t take up a lot of wall space meaning more space for furniture and more flexibility in interior decorating. In this home in Aars, Denmark these options are fully exploited.

The beautiful, light foyer has limited wall space and a definite need to reduce cold draughts from the windows, as well as handling the cold from opening and closing the front door.

The customer had the wonderfully simplistic Hudevad P5V installed in the same shade of white as the walls, so it seamlessly blends with the look of the room and contrasts the stunning rustic wooden door.

In the living room there was also a need for a radiator that did not take up too much space. With just 58 mm in depth, the Hudevad P5V is as slim as it gets and is thus a perfect substitute to regular mundane radiators.

In the kitchen the features of the sleek radiator have really been fully utilised. The Hudevad P5V has been fitted with towel pegs in stainless steel and chrome finish for storage of kitchen cloths and aprons.

The kitchen’s style is a genuinely Scandinavian treasure with beautifully simple interior and carefully chosen sparks of colour, and the two radiators have truly found their stylistic match in this stunning home.

The P5V can easily be combined with its horizontal sister the P5 or any of the other horizontal Hudevad Radiator Design radiators.

Find out more about this project here.

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