Exterior of house

No expense was spared when this brand-new private home was built in Ribe. The house has two floors and a gorgeously spacious terrace that wraps around three sides of the house.

The natural light is stunningly harnessed with large floor-to-ceiling windows pointing to all the four corners of the world.

Those windows, however, are also the reason behind the need for a fast-adapting heating source, that can prevent the cold draughts from the shadow-facing windows and quickly adapt to the massive heat intake from the sun-facing windows.

The house is decorated in a warm and homely Scandinavian fashion, with minimalism being a key theme. Light and details really are in focus.

In order to not disturb the beautifully simple interior, the customer had the “invisible” Hudevad Lignum seamlessly installed in all the window reveals. Hudevad Lignum radiators are installed in all the south, east and west facing windows and for most visitors to the house, goes completely unnoticed.

Hudevad Lignum is made to order and are always “tailor-made” to fit the project at hand.

Hudevad Lignum can be placed in window reveals, in the walls or simply be made part of the floor.

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