Glass Box Extension

Glass Box Extensions are made using structural glass units and supported with either structural glass beams or steel beams (depending on the desired aesthetic). Frameless glass beams are the perfect solution for minimalistic designs as they accentuate the frameless appearance of the structural glass walls and roof.

Glass Box Extensions can integrate a large number of opening glazing systems from slim framed sliding doors, bifolding doors to hinged doors and windows. Technical glass solutions can also be added to the extension, heated glass can be used to provide the sole heat source within the new living space, solar control coatings can be used to help reduce the amount of radiant heat (thus preventing the green house effect) and low maintenance glass can be used to improve the ease of cleaning the glass.

A structural glass conservatory is a popular method of extending the home into a super contemporary conservatory. We design and manufacture these glass box extensions to the bespoke measurements of each project. Each glass box extension can be double, or triple glazed to create exceptional thermal performance and therefore comfortable living space.

Glass Box Extensions help to break the divide between the home and garden through minimally framed glazing. The structural glass provides an indoor – outdoor living space for homeowners to enjoy and feel a strong connection to the outdoor living areas.

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