Glass Infrared Heater

Bespoke your heater to fit the aesthetic of your home. Our range of glass infrared heaters are the perfect solution for energy-efficient heating for you and your home. Enjoy a consistent, comfortable, warmth throughout your property with your bespoke infrared heater.

Available in four wattages and shapes you can pick your colour or choose pretty much anything you want to be printed onto the glass that will give your space the perfect focal piece. By choosing our glass range you are completely changing the dynamic of interior décor with unique stylish heating. Convert any room into a cosy space tailored to you.

Our heaters are made in Britain using the latest glass bonding techniques ensuring maximum efficiency and security. As the heaters are designed specifically to your requirements, they aren’t mass-produced ensuring maximum quality and care on every product.

We are confident in the production of the glass infrared heaters each one comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

By installing a glass infrared heater, you are not only providing warmth but a healthier and cost-effective way of heating your property. Combined with our SMART Genius control system they are individually controlled room by room so you will save money by only heating rooms that are in use.

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