The owners of a farmhouse and barn approached us to help them with heating their barn conversion for a holiday let. The couple were looking to ensure they could have a heating system which would benefit from the solar panels they were going to be installing. Plans were sent to Jigsaw, and we helped them with heating their new build.

The benefits of using infrared heating for the barn mean the customer can fully control the heating throughout the day with each room being independently controllable. The result is money savings in the long run.


A number of infrared heating panels were chosen for the installation:

Lounge: Aluminium heaters installed in landscape-style on the ceiling

Bedrooms: Aluminium infrared heaters and mirrors installed in portrait style – slimline and unobtrusive

Hallway: Ceiling mounted panel

Kitchen: Mirror infrared heater

Bathroom: Mirror infrared heater

The whole installation was completed over 3 days – with minimum disruption.


The new heaters have achieved the owners’ goals of a simple but effective heating system. This has offered a higher level of efficiency and comfort for their property. Since the conversion, the owner has noted that the heating only needs to be on around 19 degrees to achieve the same comfort levels of a property at 21 degrees. The use of the panels has been problem-free, and no maintenance issues have been reported.

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