JUWO Evolved Smartwall is the smarter choice for building to the new future homes standard!

JUWO Evolved SmartWall is a Monolithic clay block building system for External Wall Construction that’s easy to build with, reduces construction time, has excellent thermal insulation qualities and requires no cavities, no additional insulation and no wall ties – to meet current and new Future Home standards. The system offers a full array of block types and sizes to meet any thermal requirement from 0.28 U Value through to 0.11 U value, all in a single block.

JUWO Evolved SmartWall blocks have the fastest drying time and the lowest residual moisture content of all comparable building materials, which have drying times of up to three years and longer. This means that the JUWO Evolved SmartWall system provides thermal insulation right from the start.

The JUWO Evolved SmartWall system comes with all the necessary ancillary items – such as Insulated Steel Box lintels, fixings and finishing plasters, renders and brick slips options. Full ‘on site’ training can be provided if required.

• Thin Bed Mortar technology
• Single solid wall construction. Wide range of block sizes, easily cut to size
• Breathing wall construction – Completely vapour permeable
• No cavities, no wall ties, no additional insulation needed

JUWO Evolved SmartWall blocks can be used universally and flexibly for building everything from detached houses to multi-storey buildings.

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