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For over 45 years, customers globally have trusted Kinetico to deliver the most innovative, effective and long-lasting water treatment solutions. The Premier Compact is a premium water softener with e-max technology for outstanding performance, efficiency and service.

All Kinetico systems are powered by moving water-not electricity-which means they’re incredibly reliable, low maintenance and designed to deliver worry-free operation for years, and is backed by a 10 year (parts) warranty.

  • Superior Patented Technology: Our non-electric high-flow systems operate with watch-like precision for years of dependable service. Enjoy the “hands free” operation, never again having to touch or set dials.
  • Highly Efficient: 70% more efficient than typical softeners, and with our precise volumetric metering and on demand operation you’ll know that not a drop of water or gram of salt is ever wasted.
  • Reliable: Performance claims are independently tested and certified by third-party laboratories, and we offer long manufacturer’s warranties with coverage you won’t find from our competitors. Improving the quality of your water is important to you, and giving you the confidence that you’ve made a wise decision is important to us.


  • Fits neatly in kitchen cupboard
  • Suitable for up to 3 bathrooms
  • Non-electric operation for greater reliability
  • Twin-tank design guarantees continuous soft water
  • Economical and low salt consumption. Salt Usage: 0.34 kg
  • 10 year (parts) warranty
  • Dimensions: H 498mm x W 219mm x D 468mm

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