Ultima closed structural insulated panels offer improved thermal performance by incorporating Kingspan’s new range of low-lamda Kooltherm phenolic insulation.

The Ultima Building System is ideal for self-build homes that require either exceptionally high levels of thermal performance or to help maximise floor space, thereby increasing the value of the finished home.

These benefits are achieved through the incorporation of a continuous, high-performance Kooltherm insulation lining, shielding the high-performance vapour and airtightness layer to slim the panel thickness.

U-values range from 0.19 W/m2K to 0.10 W/m2K – so Passivhaus levels of energy efficiency can be achieved. The Ultima system also delivers on Psi values (thermal bridging) and airtightness characteristcs.

Because wall thicknesses are slimmer than many other solutions, you could gain up to 9m2 of internal space on a two-storey new build house with an external footprint of 8m x 10m.

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