LBS Leon Slate tiles

The Leon Slate is a hard, dense slate with a characteristic strong longitudinal grain and riven finish.  It is one of the few Spanish slates on the market which is free from potentially damaging pyrites.

The slate is extracted from some of the finest deposits in the La Bana region of North West Spain.  The Leon is available in 50x25cm and 50x30cm sizes.

It is a very consistent natural slate and requires minimal grading, making it a popular choice for roofing contractors, self-builders and architects.  Available in ultra and mixed grade.

Leon Slates fully comply with BS 12326-1:2014 (W1, S1, T1), and come with a full quarry-backed guarantee.

Key Benefits:

  • An exceptionally high quality slate
  • An attractive dark colour
  • A pronounced visible “La Hebra” grain
  • Minimal grading required
  • Full quarry-backed guarantee

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