Our Aqualevel system is the only fully integrated, level access, channel threshold drainage system which allows for a complete channel to be combined with the building structure to incorporate door reveals, differing door profiles, DPC’s and DPM’s.

It harmonises with a wide range of glazed door systems including sliding, bi-fold, and lift and slide and also works at any level.

It is the first drainage system specifically designed to resolve the problem of gaining access into buildings without compromising the fabric of the building. This specific detail is the solution to a 20 year headache suffered by design teams and house builders. It totally integrates itself with the door section, offering high performance drainage topped with architectural quality, aesthetically stunning covers, and is even available with integral channel lighting.

For the first time, the experience of inside out living is available without compromise and without water ingress, giving a seamless level access over the threshold.

Aqualevel not only fulfils its architectural functional requirements and excels aesthetically, but also gives unfettered access for wheel chair users and people with other disabilities

The system is compatible with all door systems currently available on the market. It works with all core materials including aluminium, wood etc. It is also compliant with building regulation Part M, without compromising the water tightness of the building envelope.

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