The texture and colours that combine to create the best English clay roofs are achieved by making tiles by hand, using traditional methods honed over centuries. The traditional Hoffman kilns used to fire our Ashbury Collection are renowned as the best for handmade tiles because slight temperature variation within the chambers results in natural variations in colour. Beauty lies in these naturally occurring inconsistencies. Every tile is unique; this cannot be mass produced.

Our craftsmen form and shape each tile individually, before each is dried and backed, guaranteeing the subtle colour and texture variation that makes every single Ashbury tile and, therefore, every finished roof, truly unique. Without compromising these traditions, a degree of modern technology and practice are incorporated into the process to ensure the finished products meet stringent quality standards.

Ashbury tiles are available in a range of colours that reflect tiles used over centuries in Britain, helping ensure the integrity of Period and Heritage architectural properties and settings. However, Ashbury tiles are also popular with contemporary developers creating beautiful and prestigious new homes for discerning buyers.

The spectrum includes Red, Heather, Brown and Orange tiles. The Berkshire has an orange base colour and variable black ‘sootiness’; reminiscent of an old, weathered tile, but with the benefits of a brand new one. The Wiltshire is similar, but has a red base colour, as is the Oakhurst with its brown base. Our Restoration Mix blends blacks and browns with an irregularity of shape that provides the appearance of an already weathered roof.

And finally, our Multi is one of the most popular blends in the Ashbury Collection. It is based on Reds, Heathers and a few Dark and Orange tiles, and can be specifically blended to suit the property itself and the personal taste of the owners or developers.

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