The Ashvale clay roof tile is one of the few handcrafted tiles available today. Each tile is made with varying cambers producing an individuality in appearance. With six shades available in the Ashvale Handmade Clay Tile Collection, there is an Ashvale to suit everyone.

Lifestiles’ Ashvale Autumn is primarily a dark brown shade, like the darkest leaves on the ground in October and November. It has a matt finish which helps to give it a weathered appearance that suits properties built across a range of periods and styles.

Our Ashvale Pentlow is natural ‘redy‘, ‘orangey’ terracotta colour sand-faced tile with varying cambers in length and width making each tile unique. It is equally well suited for use on vertically tiled areas as it is for roofs.

The natural and bright orange colour of the Ashvale Orange combines a matt un-sanded finish with varying cambers in length and width. This tile is commonly used for tile cladding as well as roofs.
Lifestiles’ Ashvale Tilehust is a beautiful hand-crafted blend of tile that is premixed with a spectrum of autumnal colours from orange through to red, brown and dark.

The Ashvale Kingston is a dark tile which appears old and weathered. This tile is perfect for repairs to old buildings or creating an established looking new build.

Lifestiles’ Ashvale Foxearth is a mellow brown colour with varying cambers, lengths and widths. The overall effect, when laid together, is of an old peg tile roof which has weathered on the South facing roof slopes.
Examples of these tiles can be seen in the Gallery below.
Few things in life are as important as the roof over your head. A Lifestiles Ashvale Handmade Clay Tile roof protects your family, your home and your lifestyle – today and for generations to come.

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