Link It Solutions - Lighting

This newly built luxurious home in Ascot was constructed with elegance and opulence in mind. The Ascot, which comprises of 6 bedrooms and bathrooms, 3 reception rooms and a well-manicured garden surrounding this stylish property.

As Link It Solutions have worked with the owner before on a previous project, it was easy to establish a plan that would compliment and meet the smart home requirements. We seamlessly integrated the lighting, heating, security, music and video systems onto an easy to use home-control system with a single interface to control the entire house.

Being able to control key systems like heating and lighting, it eliminates unnecessary utility expenses which was imperative in such a large property. With the bones of a basic RAKO lighting system installed initially, the owner wanted to expand it to other parts of the home for convenience and efficiency.

Security was of vital importance with a property of this scale and comprehensive perimeter CCTV with remote access to live and archived video was connected to the system. The Ascot was effortlessly brought together by an Elan home automation system linking the owner to their home and controlling every aspect through the Elan interface on remotes, iPad’s and phones. This home radiating beauty and class was now fully wired and smart enabled.

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