Lynn Palmer Architects contemporary extension

We are regularly approached by clients to find solutions to challenging spaces, which is what makes them fun. This project was no different. Not only was it listed, thatched and sat comfortably in one of the most sought-after High streets in the County, it also had that extra challenge of being on a steeply sloping site. The front elevation of the cottage is raised approximately a metre above the pavement level, with the rear garden rising a further two metres, before leveling out.

The original cottage accommodated two bedrooms, a bathroom, a single open plan living space and a small kitchen. Our brief was to create a sense of arrival, this included a proper entrance hall, large family living space, larger kitchen, and two additional bedrooms. Most of all, the client wanted to view and access the 200ft long, tiered gardens from inside the property.

The design solution was to place the bedroom accommodation on the lower floor within the extension, and the living space on the upper level, so you can view the rear gardens. We have created the upper living space within a glass-ended tube. Looking at the house from the garden, you can see right through the contemporary extension, through to the stunning original cottage. The curvature of the new living space roof sympathetically reflects the shape and form of the original thatched cottage.

The new addition to the property blends in perfectly within its surroundings.  The construction process took almost six months and finished in October 2017, during which the family lived on site, in the old cottage which was left untouched.

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