Lynn Palmer architects Primrose Cottage Exterior

When we were approached to design accessible, inclusive housing we didn’t immediately think that our clients 17th Century wychert and thatched cottage on the edge of a sleepy Buckinghamshire village would be the ideal home for conversion and extension.

Primrose cottage while bursting with period features is a modest home with uneven floors, low sloping ceilings and a small winding staircase. Set in a beautiful but again uneven garden, everything about our clients’ requirements initially seemed almost impossible.

Undaunted we met the challenge head on and the results speak of themselves, from the minute you walk into the new part of Primrose cottage you’re left a little breathless, it is a stunning space. The design flows, the natural curvature of the trees outside are echoed in the curves of the windows. The glulam trusses that form an integral part of the structure curve in harmony with the trees outside. The reflection of the trees in the glazed elements of the design not only blends the extension to its surroundings; it becomes part of it, conceptually the design is a triumph.

What you never think is ‘this is accessible housing’, but it is. The glass fronted part of the main section of the extension fully opens. The interior floor and exterior patios are the same levels and material; you can move easily from the inside of the house to the outside of the house. The same flooring snakes its way around the gardens allowing anyone with limited mobility to easily get around and enjoy the gardens. A large ground floor bathroom is also accessible from both the inside and outside parts of the house.

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