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The MasterTherm AquaMaster Inverter is a high-performance ground source heat pump available in outputs of 2-45kW. Equipped with inverter technology, the AquaMaster has an extended lifetime compared to fixed output heat pumps and delivers excellent efficiencies which significantly reduces energy bills. The AquaMaster can also be used for water source systems and two or more units can be linked together to provide higher heat outputs for larger properties. Our AquaMaster is also capable of passive and active cooling, offering a low-cost and energy efficient way to deliver year-round climate control.

• 7 year warranty
• Compatible with time of use electricity tariffs for automated energy bill savings of up to 35%
• Specially insulated for low noise output
• Inverter technology for increased unit lifespan and reduced operating costs
• Smartphone app control
• Solar thermal integration
• Passive (natural) cooling
• Active cooling capability meaning no need for a separate air conditioning system
• Simultaneous heating and cooling (provide heat to one area of your home whilst cooling another)
• Weather compensation
• Increased lifespan
• Compatible for the heating of swimming pools
• Wide range of sizes and outputs to suit properties of any size
• MCS Accredited and valid for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
• Customisable for special applications (ideal for unique properties requiring specialised system design)
• Customise to any RAL colour
• In most cases no buffer tank is required, saving time and costs for installation
• Output water up to 60°C or 70°C with our Desuperheater
• Built with premium components from world leading manufacturers

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