Large private cinema

Watching your favourite TV show or a good film after a long day can often be the ultimate relaxation, but imagine if you could enjoy cinema-quality entertainment without even leaving your home?

With seating comfier than at the cinema, a Dolby Atmos system creating life-like sounds that feel like they are directed right at you, combined with high resolution, crystal-clear 4K visuals, a home cinema is a no-brianer. You just press ‘watch movie’ and the lights come down and your entertainment begins. This is everyday life for a home cinema owner and the reason they are so hugely popular when people are planning a smart home installation.

Whether you already have a dedicated room in mind, like your basement or attic, or you are pondering where one could fit in your new build, it’s important to note that the space you think could one day be converted into your cinema has sufficient space for a large screen, projector and seating, without feeling too cramped.

If I can’t have a home cinema, what else could work in my home?

We often deliver media rooms installs, which customers love due to getting an excellent movie-going experience whilst still having a living room/recreational space, at a smaller cost. These projects typically involve introducing or upgrading to a state-of-the-art projector, screen and surround sound system in a multi-purpose space in your home

Now you’ve read about all about professionally installed cinema rooms, why not contact us for chat about your home, your dream entertainment set-up and we’ll explain how we can make it a reality.

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