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Our homes are getting smarter and smarter everyday, connected thermostats, automated lighting, streaming audio services and smart security systems – the list is endless.

A Smart Home Operating System from New Wave connects all those systems together, integrating them as one and providing you with a beautiful user interface.

Using Control4’s powerful OS3 home operating system we are able to trigger lighting scenes based upon alarm security status, trigger heating upon external temperatures and start party modes, through distributed audio at the touch of a button.

A true home operating system puts the power of control into your hands, your voice and your process.

  • Alarm clocks are dead! With a Smart Home you can wake up gently, blinds slowly opening and lighting slowly increasing brightness, your favourite media plays and the rest of the home sets up.
  • Someone at the gates? Your intercom rings your mobile, you can directly open the gates, disable the alarm and open the door – remotely from your mobile.
  • Throwing a party? Trigger a party scene, playing audio throughout the home through discrete in-ceiling speakers at the touch of a button.
  • Mockupancy – Your Control4 system learns your routines, your habits and lifestyle and re-creates this within Mockupancy. Setting your home into Mockupancy mode when you leave will randomise your lights, blinds and media through the day to give the impression to opportunists that somebody is in-fact home. Think Home Alone – refined.

These are just a few examples of how a Smart Home Operating System can benefit you and your home.

A visit to your Kent Showroom will enable you to experience the latest smart home technologies, here you can pick and choose which systems you integrate with and how you want your home to work for you.

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