underfloor heating Nu Heat LoPro installation

Specifically designed for renovations and installed over the existing floor, Nu-Heat’s
super-slim LoPro Max underfloor heating system is equally well suited for whole-house projects and single areas such as kitchens and conservatories.

With the highest heat output on the market and outstanding response times, LoPro Max is a perfect replacement for a radiator system and works brilliantly in areas with large areas of glazing or lower levels of insulation. Its low height build-up of just 22mm makes it ideal for running from existing properties into new extensions.

LoPro Max benefits

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity – heat outputs up to 120W/m2
  • Super-fast response time – can be timed and run as you would a traditional radiator system
  • Just 22mm total height build-up
  • Laid over an existing floor with minimal disruption
  • Simple and quick to install
  • High structural and compressive strength
  • One-third of the running cost of electric UFH
  • Range of thermostat options – including wireless and smart controls
  • Perfectly level surface for tiling
  • Floor coverings can be fitted after 72 hours

See why everyone’s talking about LoPro Max, visit our website or check out the video below:


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