Living room in renovated 1940s home

Nu-Heat Design Manager James and his partner Ellie fell in love with a 1940s property in the seaside town of Sidmouth, Devon, and set about transforming it into their first family home.

A challenging renovation

The semi-detached house had no central heating – just a few night storage heaters – and it needed re-wiring and re-plumbing throughout.

After assessing the property’s insulation and glazing levels, James specified two products from Nu-Heat’s award-winning retrofit UFH range to keep the property cosy – super-slim LoPro 10 upstairs, and high heat output LoPro Max downstairs.

Fitting the UFH

“We fitted the gypsum board LoPro 10 system first,” explains James. “Despite temperatures in the unheated part of the house being practically Arctic, the LoPro 10 did such a good job upstairs that we ended up turning the temperature down!”

“The LoPro Max works particularly well with the tiles in the open-plan kitchen diner, an area which could otherwise have felt a bit nippy on the north-facing side of the house.”

“From experience, I know all Nu-Heat systems are designed to achieve temperature when it’s -3°C outside, and when we put that to the test we weren’t disappointed.”

Period charm, modern comforts

“We decided to keep the period fireplaces when we were renovating,” explains Ellie, “but with the warmth of the UFH we’ll never need to use them!”

“I love the flexibility of UFH. We can control each room separately at the touch of a button on the thermostat or via the app – great for when you’ve been away and want to come back to a cosy house. Guests always say how nice it is to step out of the shower onto a warm floor.”

“It’s great how the retrofit UFH range adapts to the quirks of older buildings,” adds James. “We’re really pleased with the results.”


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