Curved house at dusk

Curved walls are usually every builder’s nightmare. But for specialist house builder Barry Fingleton, not only were they a must when it came to designing his own 3,250sqft home, he knew that by using insulated concrete forms (ICF), it would also be a piece of cake.

Barry has been working with Nudura’s ICF products for years and knows only too well the flexibility they provide in turning ambitious architectural plans into homes. Built in a semi-circle, the main living space is located along the convex wall to provide panoramic views of Barry’s 18-acre plot and the countryside beyond.

But the materials go further than just creating the right-shaped house, Barry’s high standards required that the house would outperform others in terms of energy usage. The thermal properties of Nudura’s ICF and the other materials used in construction means that the house is 86 per cent more energy efficient than the average modern house and 78 per cent more efficient than the latest building regulations require.

In fact, the house is also outstripping even the most ambitious of green standards. The Zero Carbon Hub, a quango set up to guide housebuilders towards greener building standards, calls for the maximum heating demand for a detached home to be 46 kwh/m2/ per year. The total energy usage at the Cullenagh house is outperforming that target by 15 per cent.

The house is heated with a heat recovery ventilation system, has solar panels on the roof is equipped with low-energy LED and CFL lighting throughout and has been roofed with cedar shingle and slate mulch. The switch from other methods of construction to Nudura innovation makes perfect sense because U-Values for the new ICF units are as low as 0.16, 0.13 and even 0.10, bringing increased efficiency to both commercial and residential construction.

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