White house with metal roofing

Metal roof tiles are a modern and universal roof coverage, which can be easily used in all
types of architecture.

Metal tiles nowadays are more popular with investors and builders for both, new buildings
and renovations, as this type of roof has several advantages over more traditional systems.

Long gone are the times where metal roof where only used on industrial or agricultural
without the need of visual appearance and long lifespans. Modern metal roofs come in all
shapes and forms and modern composite coatings give lifespans of more then 60 years.

Designed to take the classic look of roof tiles, shingles or slate our fully automated
production process allows for sheets to be delivered in the required length specific to the

The large sheets also result in a reduction of installation time, lowering labour costs
drastically. The lightweight properties of the material -1 sqm sheets weigh approx 4kg, that is almost 10 times less than traditional roof tiles- allow roof structures to be build slimmer and lighter .

We offer roof sheets in over ten coatings, (widest range on the market ,e.g. polyester,
Pladular EcoProtect thyssenkrupp, aluminium, Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra Tata Steel) and a wide range of colours.

The roof is completed by our line of finishing elements, flashings(either standard or made to
measure), flat sheets, seals and fixing accessories.

Installed like traditional tiles on top of membrane and battens, this system allow significant
time saving and is less prone to error than more traditional systems, as it covers entire roof
lengths without gaps.

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