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53% of the energy from the sun is harmless infrared, heating not the air but objects and the earth’s surface. In the same way do our revolutionary heater panels produce infrared and heat the objects in your home, e.g. carpets, walls, ceilings, furniture and stores the heat energy .

Traditional heating, e.g. radiators, in contrast, heat the air in a room and circulates the heat via convection, thus called convection heating. It causes a certain stratification of heat, whilst the floor and other surfaces often remain colder and radiate cold into the room.

As infrared panels heat up these cold surfaces, which themselves start radiating heat, producing a much more even temperature distribution with minimal stratification of heat. Thus a more comfortable indoor climate can be achieved with lower air temperatures, compared to convection heating.

Compared to normal electric panel heaters, Far infrared heaters can savings of up to 60% of heating costs.Operated on thermostats the Yandiya Infrared Heating systems monitors the heat levels; turning the system on and off with a small amount of energy needed to keep the home at your desired comfortable levels, saving on heating bills.

Our far infrared heating panels not only look stunning and discretely fit into domestic and commercial environments, but and have additional health benefits.
Our Infrared heating system will create a warm home the healthy way.

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