plumBOX electric combi boilers

Although most people have got used to combi boilers being powered by natural gas or fuel oil, electric combi boilers are gaining popularity fast. Here is why.

More Efficient

Most electric combi boilers come with a very high-efficiency rate. Not only that will reduce your energy bills, an electric boiler releases no emission gasses into the environment which makes it a greener option. It’s also the best option for those whose property is not covered by the gas grid.

No Noise

Unlike the gas boiler, an electric combi boiler generates no noise as it’s operating. It remains silent as there are minimum moving parts in the electric boiler system.

More Affordable Installation

If you’re moving to a house with no gas coverage, installing gas pipelines or setting up oil tanks can increase the cost of your heating installation beyond the point of efficiency. Installing an electric boiler would be way cheaper.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Electric combi boilers require very low maintenance, you can say goodbye to regular hassle that surrounds traditional heating systems.

Saving Space

Today’s electric boilers come in a compact size so you can save space in the installation area. Additionally, you don’t need a flue, which helps save space even further. It even fits well in a tiny studio flat while providing the same reliable performance you would expect from a traditional heating system.

Digital Display and Control

Latest models have left the analogue controls behind and now come with a feature-rich and easy to use LCD display providing all the controls you need.

We recommend Elnur Mattira Combi.

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