plumbBOX mains switch

Imagine you need to run a cable to connect two devices but you realise that this is going to involve lifting the floor or wrecking the walls. That’s not a nice situation to be in. Suddenly a quick electrical job has turned into a massive structural mission. Luckily there are solutions like Mains Switch RF that helps you connect devices without cabling.

Mains Switch is a radio frequency kit consisting of a transmitter and a receiver. It was developed as a pump overrun solution to connect a boiler to the airing cupboard pump without having to run cabling all the way to the airing cupboard.

However, with the advance of smart home technologies, it has proven itself in other applications such as operating gate from inside of the house, connecting a sensor to an actuator or anywhere else where there is a requirement for switched live cabling.

Both transmitter and receiver come with a convenient mounting bracket making installation a doddle. Operation of Mains Switch RF is fairly simple – transmitter is scanning for an AC input and when it’s found, it transmits radio signal with a pairing code to the receiver box. When the receiver gets the On signal, it switches the device on. The radio frequency range spans to 100 metres outdoors and 35 metres indoors.

Mains Switch is smaller and cheaper than related products currently available on the market. It can be installed in tighter spaces and it’s more affordable hence trades people rate it highly. The device comes with a 5-year warranty and it’s already recommended and approved by major boiler manufacturers and other companies.

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