plumBOX Smart Thermostat

Although it makes a lot of sense to install smart controls with your boiler, since April 2018 all new gas boilers will have to have an additional efficiency feature to comply with the UK law. Although these features may include heat recovery systems, weather compensation systems and others, for most of us, getting a smart thermostat will be the cheapest and most efficient way to ensure compliance. There are added benefits to having one.

Easy To Access and Control

First of all, the use of smart thermostats enhance your home experience. The conventional heating system could be hard to control and simply not practical in most cases. It leads you to high energy consumption and often overheated home. A smart thermostat works by digitizing your home’s heating system and providing you with easy access through a mobile app. This way, you can conveniently control and manage the heating system. For example, you can start the heater on your way back home or simply set the scheduled operation and you can save energy.

Reduce Your Bills and Save the Environment

As expected, smart thermostat helps heat your home in a more efficient way. You can conveniently control the boiler operation from your handheld device. Options include managing the peak hours which usually increase your gas bill significantly. You can either set scheduled operation, limits, reminders, geofencing, or even green mode so you can save money for paying excessive gas bills. The smart thermostat is a lifetime investment which potentially helps you do your bit for the environment, too..


A smart thermostat can provide you with comfort, efficiency, and convenience when it comes to heating your home.

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