Potton house

Brian and Loveday Ellis were working and living in Surrey and had been considering building their own home for five years, so decided to do their homework to gain as much knowledge as possible.

After selling their home, they saw a 0.8 acre plot in a quiet rural village, with an existing bungalow and lapsed planning permission for a four bedroom, two-storey house. The plot was perfect and was purchased by the couple for £525,000.

They came across Potton in one of the magazines and took their first trip to the Potton Show Centre in St Neots, where they immediately liked the Wickhambrook Barn which was under construction at the time.

Watching the build of the Wickhambrook they were able to learn a lot about the different stages of the build over a number of visits. They also attended one of Potton’s Self Build Academy seminars and took a tour of the Potton factory.

“All of this proved really worthwhile and gave us a good insight to the build process and the company itself,” said Brian. “We were received very warmly by the Potton staff each time we visited the centre and advice and information was freely available without us feeling pressurised or followed around.”

Viewing the completed barn helped the couple develop firm ideas of what they wanted to incorporate, or modify, on their own barn. They worked with Sean Adams, Design & Planning Consultant, who helped them achieve their dream home.

They lived in the bungalow for six months until planning permission had been granted and then moved into rented accommodation for a year. The build started in September 2014 and by August 2015 the couple were able to move in to their stunning new home.

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