Extension project in progress

Did you realise that your home insurance is unlikely to adequately cover you while extending or altering a property? Do you have a party wall agreement with a neighbour?

By using Protek site insurance you can be sure your home, extension and any adjoining houses will be adequately insured throughout the duration of the project.

The policy is designed to cover building works and any consequential loss to the existing structure.

Site insurance is available for short periods, too, and will include cover for materials, plant, tools and equipment – as well as public and employer’s liability. Invariably your contractor’s insurance will not adequately insure you, so it’s vital to get the cover you need for your scheme.

If you require a party wall agreement with a neighbouring property, you will be liable for rectifying any damage you cause. Protek can add this to your policy, putting your mind at ease.

Find out more about Protek’s Insurance for Extension Projects.

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