Rapid Ramp is a fully adjustable modular wheelchair ramp, constructed from galvanised steel components that are bolted together.

Modular components come in various sizes, lengths and widths to suit different areas and applications. Plus, platforms can be designed in both straight-through and turning configurations.


  • Rapid design & installation
  • Made of durable steel with galvanised walkway & powder-coated handrails
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Reusable modular components
  • Metal ramps are non-combustible, compared to wooden steps which will burn if exposed to fire
  • 3-year guarantee, life span of over 25 years
  • Suitable for all types of buildings, including permanent, temporary and portable
  • Suitable as a short or long term solution
  • Fully adjustable, can be adapted, modified and reused
  • Modular ramps can easily be removed, leaving an area in its original condition
  • Rental Ramp package available
  • A UK wide service

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