Garapa is supplied in an attractively consistent golden brown colour which, when used in conjunction with Sihga fixings, will weather to an attractive shade of silver / grey.

The fine close grain and knot free appearance make it perfect for projects which require a clean, contemporary look.

One of the primary benefits of Garapa as a decking material is that it is incredibly durable, boasting the best natural durability properties of all of our decking products. Unlike most commonly available decking timbers, it is naturally hard-wearing, being rated as Class 2 (Class 1 offers the highest level of durability, through to Class 5 which is not durable).

This natural toughness is the result of resin and extracts in the wood, combined with a high density, which ensures that the wood is resistant to rot, decay, splinters and insect damage. This is of key importance when considering a decking material, as a strong timber is required in order to ensure the long-term safety of the deck, regardless of its environment and level of footfall.

The standard Garapa decking profile is 25 x 145mm double profile. The board is grooved on one side and reeded on the other. Because of this, the deck can be laid on either side allowing you to select your design preference.

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