When sisters Rosemary and Sue decided to build a holiday home they could share with their wider family, they asked Scandinavian Homes to help them turn the dream into a reality.

The plan was to replace a dilapidated and cold chalet that had been in the family for many years with a modern property. The pair explored several ideas and eventually concluded that a design that was technically a mobile home would be the best option for their plot and requirements. However, they wanted it to feel robust and to offer a warm living environment, even on the coldest days. Access to the site wouldn’t have been suitable for a typical factory-built mobile home, and the designs they’d seen from other suppliers left them unimpressed. Scandinavian Homes were able to offer the ideal alternative, with a custom package option based on an insulated log system.

The team at Scandinavian Homes developed a design that makes the most of stunning views from the living area. In addition, each couple would benefit from ensuite accommodation, giving them their own private space in the shared property. The chalet was constructed as two halves, in order to ensure it would fall under the definition of a mobile home as defined in the Caravan Act – although it’s unlikely it will ever be moved. Following a very wet and cold winter, site access was impossible – so the groundworks stage was delayed. Once the foundations were installed, however, the rest of the project progressed smoothly, and the finishing touches were put in place as autumn set in. This meant Scandinavian Homes’ build team got a taste of what life in the property would be like in summer; suffice to say it’s easy to see why the sisters and their families want to spend as much time as they can in their new holiday home! Find out more about this project.

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