Scenario Architecture Kitchen and Mezzanine

Scenario Architecture took on this project, a terraced house in Hackney, for the opportunity to extend and adapt a larger space for a growing family.

Our main challenge was connecting the main floor physically and visually with the lower ground. To that end we designed an open-plan spatial sequence, encompassing the lounge, dining area and kitchen.

The final layout incorporates a split-level double reception, leading down to the kitchen and dining room via an angled rooflight. The rooflight and rear glazing connect the indoors with the garden beyond, while interior glazing links the lounge with a “floating” library at mezzanine level.

We designed functionality into awkward spaces with restricted height and accessibility. The stairs connecting the lounge and kitchen presented an opportunity for a retractable table and bench, creating a children’s work area when pulled out and a space for play when tucked away.

Upstairs, the children helped design their bedroom with a “secret space” in the eaves, accessed by a climbing wall and a fireman’s pole.

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