Stove with chimney system

If ease of construction and maximum insulation matter when you’re installing a stove or fire on your home building project, then the Isoskern DM Double Module Chimney System will come into its own.

The setup is quick and simple to install, using lightweight blocks that are easy to handle. The outer and inner blocks are laid at the same time but with staggered joints for safety and stability.

The double layer of pumice separated by an air gap maximises the chimney insulation.

These volcanic pumice chimney systems are suitable for wood logs, solid fuel, oil and gas (note that they are not suitable for condensing appliances).

Key features of the Isokern DM chimney system

  • Zero distance to combustibles on straight rendered chimneys (when using a top ring terminal).
  • Quick and easy to assemble, using lightweight materials.
  • Highly insulating pumice allows for better draw and minimum heat loss.
  • Staggered joints ensure maximum safety and stability.
  • Air gaps between outer casing and flue prevent surface staining.
  • Good resistance to temperature variations, enabling maximum performance for your appliance.
  • CE Certified to EN1858 with the designation T450, NI, D, 3, G (00).

Video: Building a chimney with the Isokern Double Module System


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