Contemporary entrance door by Schueco

When you visit someone’s home, do you every consider the front door and what it says about the owner? Many of us do, recognising that a front door is not simply a functional item, but also an indicator of our own personal taste.

Schueco offers a choice of entrance doors in aluminium that are as decorative as they are weathertight and as thermally efficient as they are secure, which makes them ideal for every home.

Homeowners will welcome the wide range of RAL colours, with the option of different colours inside and out. A further design choice is offered by the option of fitting Adeco door panels: manufactured from the highest quality aluminium, Adeco’s comprehensive portfolio includes modern contemporary designs as well as more traditional styles.

Start thinking of doors as design statements and open yourself up to a new world of style.

Security through technology

With Schueco, security is not just a feeling it’s a certainty; through innovative technology that can’t be seen, but can be felt; through automatic closing and monitoring systems; through entrance doors that you can equip to fully meet your personal security requirements.

Schueco offers state-of-the-art locking systems and fitting options to individually customise your new entrance door to your own personal security needs. This includes an advanced electronic door management system. Instead of a conventional house-key, access is by means of a card reader, numeric keypad or biometric fingerprint recognition.

Additional options include an intercom system, video camera and facial recognition as well as a Smartphone app that will activate the lock as soon as the user comes within 4 metres of the door.

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