Balcony with sliding doors featuring slim frames

The moment you open a Schueco sliding door – whether it’s a straight slide, tilt-and-slide or folding system – you know you’re dealing with high quality. The solid feel of the frame and the effortless ease with which it glides open make that instantly clear.

Years of experience and close attention to design detailing mean that a Schueco system combines quality, form and functionality in a single harmonious whole.

And that’s something you’ll really appreciate on a chilly autumn evening, when you realise how the insulation of a Schueco sliding door minimises both heat loss and external noise to leave you feeling snug and warm.

And, of course, you’re also totally secure thanks to the option of a multi-point locking system that provides excellent resistance against intruders.

The best views are through a Schueco panoramic sliding door

A Schueco panoramic sliding door never gets in the way.

A completely concealed outer frame, narrow central meeting stile and a completely flush threshold (providing excellent watertightness) mean exceptionally large areas of clear glass with unobstructed views to the outside.

The system has been designed to accommodate very wide openings up to 3.2m wide and 3.5m high. Concealed within the sill profile of each door leaf, are hard-wearing, integral rollers. These allow the leaves to run very easily, no matter how large they are.

For the ultimate luxury, there is a low-noise motorised version that works at the touch of a button.

Another popular innovation is the introduction of a 90o open corner which completely opens up an area, adds style to any property and floods a room with light.

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