Selfbuild warranty insurance

As a self builder, you might have arranged insurance for your plot, your build and your contents, but have you considered protecting the structure once the build is complete? That’s where SelfBuild Structural Warranty Insurance comes in.

Our Structural Warranty products are designed to cover latent defects for a period of 10 years after the build has been completed. Our expert Structural Warranty insurers can cover against the cost of rebuilding or rectifying work resulting from defective design, workmanship or materials:

  • 10 year cover against the cost of rebuild or repair resulting from defective workmanship, design or materials
  • Regular site inspections throughout your project to ensure your build complies with Building Regulations
  • Underwritten by specialist insurance providers
  • Approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders

Many lenders and solicitors will require you to have this cover in place, particularly if you’re looking to sell your property, and our Structural Warranty cover offers wider protection than a standard Architects Certificate.  Our specialist providers also offer Building Control cover, with regular inspections to make sure your build is compliant with Building Regulations, so that they can issue a Completion Certificate and you can avoid having to organise multiple inspections.

To be eligible for Structural Warranty cover arranged by us, you must be planning to build a new residential property to live in, rent out or sell on in the UK or Northern Ireland. We can also help if you’ve already completed or partially completed your build – or if you’re looking for other SelfBuild products.

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