Sheep Wool Acoustic Insulation

Our acoustic range: SilentWool Floor, SilentWool Carpet and SilentWool Joist are made from 100% wool.

SilentWool Floor is a roll of 3mm thick Sheep Wool Insulation designed for use under timber flooring.

If you are looking for an acoustic insulation for your laminate, solid or semi-solid wooden floors then SilentWool Floor will provide reduced footfall noise by 50% and improves the extent of impact sound up to 21 db. Additionally it is suitable for use with underfloor heating.

SilentWool Carpet is a roll of 9mm thick 100% pure Sheep Wool.

Primarily used as a premium carpet underlay, the thick layer of SilentWool Carpet is especially popular in older houses where underfloor drafts can make a room feel cold. It also has the additional benefit of protecting the carpet from premature wear and tear. These multifunctional elements make it suitable in both refurbishment projects and new builds.

SilentWool Joist is the natural and effective way to minimise structure borne sound transfer in your building project and is suitable for use with underfloor heating.

When rolled out on existing timber joists prior to wooden floors or subfloors being laid down, the 3mm thick wool quilt will reduce the effective noise heard in the rooms below, for example from the impact of footsteps.

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