Sheep Wool Insulation Acoustic

Our range of Insulation products will ensure your home stays cosy and healthy all year round, while keeping your bills to a minimum.

We have 3 Thermal insulation products to suit your specific requirements. Comfort, Optimal and Premium. All of our products are 100% pure SheepWool and the only insulation with Ionic Protect. There are no chemicals or fillers used in the manufacture of our product, making it healthy, clean and environmentally friendly.

Attic Insulation – Comfort is an excellent product and is easy to install, simply lay between the floor joists and give it a kick!

For a more rigid insulation, like internal walls or sloping rafters you should consider either Optimal or Premium. Both of these are suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications of course, but ideal for vertical & sloping as they are higher density. Just as easy to install, they can be cut or ripped to lengths required. As the product is completely natural, there is no requirement for any specialist equipment, masks or gloves to install. A pair of scissors will do the job!

All of our insulation not only performs to a really high standard, but is ideal for living space, as it has the ability to absorb moisture making it ideal for older properties as the breathing wool will protect the surrounding timbers.  It also assists with air purification, which means that any nasty chemicals like formaldehyde will be broken down, by our 100% pure wool, and will keep the air in the building purified, and clean.

This is a ‘healthy insulation’. Healthy for the building and those living in it.

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