Open plan living

Simply Loft designed and built this front and rear mansard loft conversion to a 3-storey mid-terrace house on Bennerley Street. We created a new living space for our clients to relax and enjoy their hobbies in, as well as an inset office space and gorgeous roof terrace. We also refurbished a bathroom on the floor below this loft conversion.

Simply Loft created a haven within the home for our clients, creating a stunning meditation room that opens out to a roof terrace overlooking the busy city. The new space created by this loft conversion is multi-functional, with a small office space created in the inset of the terrace. The main living area can be used as a meditation space, artist’s studio, reading room or perfect entertaining area on those warm summer nights in London.

There are many stand-out features with this project, including the floor to ceiling glazing in the office inset, that brings in all the light you need to stay focused. You can complete all of your work whilst catching those beautiful rays of sunshine that are so important for making us feel healthy and happy. This is a true testament to how a loft conversion like this can not only improve your home, but also your happiness and wellbeing, giving you space you need to step away from the world and breathe.

Simply Loft refurbished an existing bathroom in this home, creating a zen bathroom with a tiled bathing area and walk-in shower. The colours and patterns in this room transport your mind to the jungle, with the leafy wallpaper, dark green furnishings and wooden touches around the room. The strong Aztec-style patterns used throughout this loft conversion create interesting spaces which steal your attention and set the relaxed ambience our clients want their guests to experience.


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