Skirting world skirting board cover

Are you looking to refresh your interior? Maybe you want to change the skirting boards but don’t want the hassle of ripping out the old ones and installing new?

Enter our MDF skirting board covers. These enable you to have new skirting boards without turning your room into a construction site.

From the front, they look just like a normal skirting board. It’s only when you see the back of the boards that the difference is clear.

On the back of the board, there is a large rebate that is used to encase your old skirting. You simply order the size needed and then fit them over your existing skirting.

It’s an easy way to have new skirting boards in your home and because they sit over your old skirting, they’re really simple to install!

All of our designs are available on our MDF Skirting Board Covers.

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