Skirting board

A traditional design that you’ll see all over the UK in normal homes and businesses alike. It’s available from almost anywhere where you can find skirting boards.

Here at Skirting World, we offer 3 different direct variations of torus skirting.

The first is our Torus Type 1 design. This reflects a standard torus style design so this is what you should choose if you’re just looking for the torus design.

Torus Type 2 is again similar to torus in style but features a larger round and deeper curve directly below this. If you don’t want to stray away from Torus but have something that stands out a bit more, choose this design.

Mini Torus is our final torus style design. This one is very similar to Torus Type 1 but on a smaller scale. We’ve found that most DIY stores stock a torus shape similar to this one so we refer to it as a modern take on the torus design.

If you have a more traditional home, you can’t go wrong with any of the above torus skirtings. As they are more traditional themselves, they’ll fit well into your home.

If you already have torus skirting present in your home but require more, grab a free sample from us to check whether our designs will match in with yours.

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