SolidPool Flex Block

Building curved walls for free form pools, ponds or water features could not be easier.
This genius flexible block allows you to bend either the liner or tiled block into any shape possible.

Curves will be precise and smooth, with no render needed to take away any sharp edges. The Blocks are joined together and simply bent into the desired position, they are then secured in place using the Sole plate,

Lightweight and simple clip together construction makes it a great self-build option, and means you or your workforce are not getting injured with heavy lifting like you would from concrete blocks.

Reduces installation times by as much as 50% over traditional pool building methods which means labour costs are severely reduced. Faster construction times heavily reduces overall building costs compared to traditional methods.

Built to Eurocode2 for both above or in-ground projects resulting in a uniform, consistent reinforced concrete wall.

Fittings are perfectly placed before the concrete pour, and the blocks can be easily cut using a circular saw.

We also have a liner lock that can be installed prior to the pour. SolidPool won’t burst under the immense pressure of wet concrete . . . unlike traditional timber and metal and concrete block shutters have been known to do. The blocks are filled using a concrete pump or can be filled by hand.


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