Solus Architectural Glazing Triple Glazed Casement Window

Flush Casement – Double Glazed

Choose from classical styles to the ultra-modern with our high performance flush casement windows. All of our flush casement windows are handmade from superior natural timber. Opening styles available: side-hung top-hung | fully reversible.

Flush Casement – Triple Glazed

Flush casement openings work beautifully for anything from compact homes to substantial architectural projects. These windows are ideal for everything from rustic homes to ultra-contemporary buildings. Flush casement windows offer side, top and fully reversible openings.

Tilt and Turn – Passivhaus

Tilt & turn Passivhaus windows combine outstanding thermal performance with flexible opening styles to allow for a range of ventilation and security options.

Tilt and Turn – Double Glazed

Keep your home flexible with our tilt & turn opening types. Tilt them, turn them, be fixed or pivot – the choice is up to you. Opt for a stunning, natural wooden finish or contemporary aluminium cladding, whichever best suits your individual home and your unique sense of style.

Tilt and Turn – Triple Glazed

Tilt & turn windows allow for maximum flexibility. They can be tilted, turned, fixed or pivoted to suit individual requirements. Practicality and beauty merge seamlessly with this style of opening, which is available for both wooden and wood-alum windows.

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Pictured: Double glazed U=1.2, Triple glazed U=0.8, Passivhaus U=0.69


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