Rova2 600- fire

The Riva2 600 is a new gas fire in Gazco’s portfolio, offering magnificent flame visuals, high efficiency heating and versatile styling.

With its detailed log-effect fuel bed, the Riva2 600 brings beautifully natural flames in a landscape format. Although glass-fronted, this gas fire features non-reflective glass that ensures a clear visual of the flames.

There is a selection of linings, allowing you to choose the backdrop to your fire, including a Brick-effect for a hole-in-the-wall look, or to enhance the depth, the reflective EchoFlame black glass lining makes the ideal solution. There are a variety of framing options, but the Riva2 600 can also be selected as a simplistic frameless Edge fire.

This gas fire can be controlled via Gazco’s Programmable Thermostatic remote, making it easy to ignite the fire from the comfort of your sofa.

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