Here at Smart Control Technologies we chose to work with Niko systems because they are a very user friendly and versatile system to use. A perfect example of that is based on the client’s desire to learn about the system. One problem that you may consider with home automation is “what happens when I want to make a change, or when something new comes out?”

Usually, you would have to pay your installer another fee to visit your home and spend half an hour making changes, which is not the ideal way of doing things as this means that you are stuck having to pay reoccurring fees for the rest of your life. With Niko, we don’t believe that this is right and we prove the point by giving you access to make changes yourself after the commissioning is done.

So, when the latest release of the Niko 2.0 was issued, my client simply updated the system herself, went into the software available and made her own changes without any further assistance. She added more scenes, edited the voice control and changed the way she wanted the lights to come on. This proves that Niko is maintenance free and you have the option, not the obligation to ask your installer for any future re-visits.

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