Closed panel timber frame home clad in stone and render

Concerned they didn’t have the experience to manage a major building project, George and Tessa Farnham decided on a complete design and build solution for their home near Chipping Norton.

“The process is pretty daunting for first-timers, so we wanted to surround ourselves with professionals who do this for a living,” says George.

Sylva’s turnkey approach removed all the hassle of having to manage multiple parties. “This freed us up to engage fully in the creative side of designing our new house and garden,” says George.

“The company was local to us, so we saw the operation first-hand and built a strong relationship with the owners: from day one, we trusted they’d deliver our forever home.”

The company’s team dealt with everything from designing the 256m2 house to the Farnhams’ spec, through to managing the planning application and completing the works on site.

“We really appreciated the depth of in-house experience at Sylva,” says George. “For instance, they found a cost-effective solution for the foundations despite the technical challenges posed by the site.”

For the Farnhams, a sustainable home was a key priority. “We wanted to generate and store as much of our own electricity as possible,” says George. “Together with Sylva we reviewed proposals from a number of specialists and settled for a local firm in Oxford.”

A 10kW solar photovoltaic array was installed alongside a Tesla 2 Powerwall battery to supply
electricity to the house and an air source heat pump.

The cutting-edge technology perfectly complements Sylva’s off-site manufactured closed
panel timber frame. Natural fibre insulation was fitted into the property in the factory – a
sustainable, moisture-controlling product that encourages a healthy living environment.


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