Room with rooflights

The neo Advance rooflight system was designed with thermal performance in mind. On the opening option, it achieves whole window u-values (Uw) as low as 1.06 W·m–2·K–1 with double glazed unit incorporating a 16mm argon filled cavity and SGG Planitherm One low emissivity coating. This ensures an optimal light transmittance of 71 per cent through the glazing, while also delivering marketing-leading thermal efficiency for the window frame.

The performance of the neo Advance rooflight comes from its patented thermal shield, which blocks out heat passing through the aluminium frame, and with linings installed right up to the glass, ensures no heat escapes.  The thermal shield itself comprises UPV extrusion filled with 40mm rigid insulation in combination with the Rooflight Company’s lining-to-glass detail.  The technology prevents condensation and mould problems, allowing any potential condensation to be captured and drained out of the building directly.

Furthermore, there are no compromises on the aesthetics, both internally and externally. It remains free from unsightly fixings, ensuring clean lines and contemporary aesthetics.

The flat opening rooflight has a concealed motor within the framework, with an option to operate via a switch or through remote control technology. There is a range of six standard sizes measuring up to 2×1 metres for the motorised opening and seven sizes measuring up to 3×1 metres, for the fixed option.  Specifiers can be confident in the knowledge that the neo Advance is suitable for any project location.

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